About Mundgod

Mundgod is a town situated in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state in India. This town falls in the way while traveling to Sirsi from Hubli. This town is also called as mini Tibet of India with a population of around 85,000 Tibetan refugees. The impact of Tibetan culture is therefore widely observed in Mundgod. This town is also called as Doeguling Tibetan Settlement. This place displays Life and culture of Tibetan refugees.

This Tibetan Settlement in Mundgod was established in 1966, with the consultation between state government of Karnataka and India. This settlement was amongst the many settlements between government of India and Tibetan administration, which were proposed in early 1960’s. Under this settlement, the state government of Karnataka provided 16 km2 of land near northern parts of Mundgod for Tibetan refugees. The Karnataka government with Indian government also provided free dry ration and temporary shelters to the refugees along with 4,000 acres of land.

About Mundgod

The climatic conditions at Mundgod are temperate, rain falls are though extensive. The vegetation here is diverse due to abundance of water at sustainable environment. The northeastern part of this town is surrounded by forest and hence this town is an adventure destination for forest trekking. Here you will be able to spot exotic birds, monkeys and many other wild animals. Mundgod is connected with Hubli-Sirsi Road, which makes it easy to reach for adventure seekers.

The total population in Mundgod was about 16171 in the census of 2001. Of this population the percentage of males are 51% and females are 49%. This female-male ratio of 51% male and 49% female is equal to National ratio of male and female population. The average literacy rate of Mundgod is 67%, which is 7.5% higher than the national average of 59.5%.

Mundgod is very famous for its local and unique tourist attractions. These places depict Tibetan culture in exceptional way.  The Tibetan colony is worth a visit if you are at Mundgod, it has a monastery called Gaden jangtse Thoesam Norling. The Tibetan colony shows how the Tibetans transformed in modern society from traditional Tibetan Refugees.

The other attraction of Mundgod includes its Bachanaki Dam. This dam is located between Mundgod and Attivery Bird sanctuary. Bachanaki Dam being only 6 km away from Mundgod is a perfect bird watching spot. At a distance of 15 km from Mundgod is Attivery Bird sanctuary. This bird sanctuary is very crowded in the spring season summers season with variety of bird species. Tourist from Hubli, Karnataka and all over India come here for bird watching.

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